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Reception Equipment

LA MARCILLANDE offers reception equipment rental services.

We are based in Payrignac, close to Sarlat and Gourdon

We cater to all your needs

You can rely on us for the rent of tables, chairs, tablecloths, marquees or blinds. We can also provide crockery (plates, spoons, stemmed glass, and more) everything that you will need. Moreover, we take care of cleaning the crockery after use.

Nous pouvons aussi fournir la vaisselle (assiettes, cuillères, verres à pied, etc.) dont vous aurez besoin. Vous pouvez tout de suite restituer les matériels après utilisation, nous nous occupons de leurs nettoyages.

As an additional service, we organise your festive events, and prepare the buffet.

We also offer crockery rental

Reception equipment Gourdon
Reception equipment Gourdon

A wide range of reception materials

We stock everything needed to organise your reception. Renting our reception equipment is a cheaper option than hiring our catering service. However, it requires a good organisation on your part.

We can provide you with everything you will need: plates, spice pots, cooking utensils, deep fryers and complete cutlery. On request, we can also plan your events in our reception hall.

Our goal is to meet all your needs by providing you with a high quality service.

You will find all the materials you need

Our values:

  • Maitre restaurateur title
  • Know-how
  • Affordable prices

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